FAUCITT, Colonel William. 9857



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Wm Faucitt’, to John Calcraft, discussing in detail a law suit against Sir James Pennyman, agreeing to assist in the case of a soldier formerly in his regiment, and reporting news. 3 pp. 9 x 7 inches, in good condition. Hampstead, 12 January 1771. Colonel William Faucitt of the Guards, translator of the Regulations of the Prussian Infantry, was employed in Germany in 1775 raising troops for service in the Mediterranean and later in America. “When I was in Town yesterday, I hunted after a little news for you, but cou’d pick up none that was material. Nobody cou’d tell me, who wou’d succeed Lord Sandwich, as Secretary of State, tho’ there was a Report about, that Lord Suffolk had been sollicited to take it, which very few gave credit to. The great question, whether Peace of War, still undecided. I am so starv’d with Cold, I can hardly hold my Pen.”