EPSTEIN, Jacob. 18520



Autograph Letter, unsigned but entirely in Epstein’s hand, to “My own dear little Meum”, his former mistress and model, Meum Stewart, in the Private Wing, University Hospital, London, dismissing the wretched “shabby Profile” of himself recently published, referring to Peggy’s death, and to his work ‘Lazarus’, “beautiful but it is disregarded”. Together with: a “strange” pencilled note from Peggy Epstein to Meum, about 1922-24, referring to Kathleen [Kathleen Garman], another of Epstein’s mistresses and later his wife, and the effect of Meum’s “glances” on Epstein in the Café Royal. 1½ pp. 7 x 5 inches, in good condition, with the original franked envelope, also in Epstein’s hand. 18 Hyde Park Gate, S.W.7., postmarked 13 June 1950. Jacob Epstein, American-born British sculptor (1880-1959). Meum Stewart was an actress. After giving birth to Epstein’s first daughter, she allowed the child to be raised by Epstein and his wife Margaret. “Do not write of your youth. You are the ever beautiful, the ever lovely, the ever youthful Meum. Get well, get well … I never thought I would be as lonely as I am.”