EPPS, John. 20184



Autograph Letter in the third person, to Messrs. Sherwood & Co., asking them for advertisements for the Anthropological Magazine & Christian Physician, to be sent to the printers, committing to sending 350 to 400 copies, “anxious to start the first number of the new series with a good appearance”. 2 pp. 8 x 5 inches, with the address leaf, toned. 89 Great Russell Street, 23 August 1837. Dr John Epps (1805 – 1869), physician, phrenologist and homeopath. He was also a political activist, known as a champion of radical causes on which he preached, lectured and wrote in periodicals. In the later 1830s and early 1840s, the Anthropological Society of London (not to be confused with the Anthropological Society of London founded in 1863 by Richard Francis Burton and Dr. James Hunt) was a phrenological group holding meetings, associated with the Christian Physician and Anthropological Magazine edited by Epps. Epps was drawn to homoeopathy in about 1837 after reading the works of Dr Paul Francis Curie; his other major influence in homoeopathy was Samuel Hahnemann. He had a “very large homoeopathic practice, especially among the lower middle and lower classes of society”. His patients included Charlotte and Emily Brontë.