ENGLEFIELD, Sir Henry Charles. 18110



Autograph Letter Signed, to Doctor Blagden (later Sir Charles, and secretary of the Royal Society) at Gower Street, referring to Mr. E.Pigott (Edward Pigott jr, 1768-1807, astronomer), who has asked Englefield to make corrections to a paper on Pigott’s behalf: “I therefore shall be obliged to you if you will send the Sheets to me as they are printed, & I will correct them.” 1 page 7½ x 6½ inches, integral address leaf, in good condition. Undated. Sir Henry Charles Englefield (1752-1822), Fellow of the Royal Society, scientific writer. In 1781 Englefield joined the Dilettanti Society and acted as its secretary for fourteen years. Besides his antiquarian studies, which resulted in many contributions to Archaeologia, he carried on research in chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, and geology. His “Discovery of a Lake from Madder” won for him the gold medal of the Society of Arts. Englefield was a close friend of Charles James Fox.