EMMANUEL PHILIBERT, Duke of Savoy. 18315



Original manuscript document authorising payments, signed ‘E.Philibert’. With countersignatures. 1 page 12 x 8 inches, in good sound condition, but with five small pieces of adhesive tape affixed at edges, cancellation stroke. Integral leaf, docketed on verso. Savoy, May 1564. The uncommon signature of Emmanuel Philibert (1528-1580), Duke of Savoy, one of the most renowned princes of the later Renaissance. He was the son of Charles III and Beatrice of Portugal, and took service with the Emperor Charles V during the wars in Germany, France and the Low Countries. During his reign (from 1553) as Savoy’s first really outstanding ruler, the duchy became free of foreign occupation. He organised a central government and an effective army.