EDGREN, August Hjalmar. 18325



Autograph Letter Signed, to Dr. Rost, announcing that “I have accepted a call to occupy the chair of Modern Languages and Sanscrit in the University of Nebraska”, hoping to complete his Grammar, as asking for a written agreement about it, referring to Professor Fausball’s prospects, etc. In English. 2 pp. 8 x 5 inches, integral leaf annotated by Rost, torn at centre fold (not affecting text), in good condition. Lund [Sweden], 7 January 1885. “My own prospects here were too slow and too uncertain to reject a pretty good offer from the other side the Atlantic …” August Hjalmar Edgren (1840 – 1903) was a Swedish-American linguist, professor, and author, as annotated by Rost on this letter: “Author of two Sanscrit grammars (one in Swedish, one in English) & translator of Sanscrit plays”. Edgren wrote numerous books, including a report of the author’s travels in Mexico. In addition, the multi-lingual Edgren was the author of numerous books of grammar in several languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Sanskrit. Reinhold Rost (1822-1896), German born orientalist, secretary to the Royal Asiatic Society (1863-69), librarian at the India Office (1869-1893).