DUMAS, Jean Baptiste André. 14699



Letter Signed [to Pierre Hipployte Boutigny], reporting on his recent illness, welcoming every day that Providence provides, explaining that he is in convalescence and is pleased to have the leisure to reply to his correspondent. In French. 2 pp. 7 x 4½ inches, fine, integral blank leaf tipped on to part of an old album page. Paris, 4 October 1883. Jean Baptiste Dumas (1800-1884), French chemist, prominent teacher and investigator, one of the first men in France to realize the importance of experimental laboratory teaching. In the Essai Statique Chimique (1841), he treated the chemistry of life, both plant and animal. The recipient of the letter is Pierre Hippolyte Boutigny, professor of chemistry, author of Etudes sur les corps à la l’état sphéroidal, etc.