DRUSCOVICH, Nathaniel, Chief Inspector. 19581



Two original Autograph Notes, passed during his trial (The Trial of the Detectives, also known as the Turf Fraud Scandal) by Druscovich to the artist, Walter Goodman. 3 x 4 and 2 x 2 inches, laid down on part album leaf with a brief newspaper report of the verdict. [The Old Bailey,1877] “Mr Goodman, I hope you will make a better sketch than one represented in the Graphic. N.Druscovich.” “Do you think Clarke would object to my making a sketch of him? W.G. No doubt he will be highly flattered. [N.D.]” The Trial of the Detectives (also known as the Turf Fraud Scandal) was a police corruption scandal about the placing of horse racing bets, involving three senior officers at Scotland Yard in 1877. Druscovich and two others stood trial at the Old Bailey and were sentenced to two years in prison.