DRUMMOND, Henry, 19405



Autograph Letter Signed, providing the height of his son in connection with the painting of a portrait, preferring pictures “which have least spare canvas in them” 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches. Norland, 27 July 1820. Uncommon. Henry Drummond (1786 –1860), English banker, politician and writer, best known as one of the founders of the Catholic Apostolic or Irvingite Church. Drummond married his cousin Lady Henrietta Hay Drummond (referred to in this letter as Lady Harriet, the abbreviated name). In later years he was intimately associated with the origin and spread of the Catholic Apostolic Church, which Edward Irving and others had founded in 1826. He contributed very liberally to the funds of the new church and he became one of its leading office-bearers, being first ordained as Angel of the Congregation in Albury and afterwards called as Apostle for Scotland and the Protestant part of Switzerland and was thus with the other “Apostles” and prophets responsible for its theology.