DOLBEN, Sir English. 17929



Three Autograph Letters Signed, to G.J.Pettigrew, Librarian to the Duke of Sussex, in an entertaining convoluted syle, with two lithographed poems by English Dolben: Irregular Ode to Prince Metternich Dictator of Europe, March 1823, By a heart-whole Englishman aged 72, Friend to the Constitution of 1688; National British Hymn, written in the third Year of George the Peaceful, 1822, By a heart-whole English-Man aged 72, Grateful to George the Third, Respectful to George the Fourth/ Letters 4 pp., various sizes, 2 address panels (armorial seals in black wax). 2 lithographed broadsides. Manor House, Finedon near Wellingborough, 1825 and earlier. Sir John English Dolben, 4th Baronet (c. 1750–1837). The family seat was at Finedon, Northamptonshire. “… the annual Visitation Day of the noble Oxonian Library founded by the magnificently censorded Sir Thomas Bodley, whose Evergreen Memory I drank over my Tea, and whose Biographical Encomium Bishop Bagot, then Dean of Ch: Ch: named Me to compose & deliver in the usual Place before the V.C. & Proctors &c in 1779, (which I avoided by being locked up in my Late Wife’s Arms on the 26th of October). I am in good general Health & Spirits, non-ostante Poverta.”