DASENT, George. 17716



Autograph Letter Signed, to Herva Magnussyni, Reykjavik, sending “a copy of my Njala by the Arcturus Steamer”, hoping to return to Iceland in the summer, mentioning the recovery of Mr. Campbell’s sketchbook and the presents being sent “to our two guides who were good men and true”. 4 pp. 7 x 4 inches, some annotations, old catalogue slip tipped to first page. Westminster, 3 March 1862. Uncommon. Sir George Webbe Dasent (1817–1896), translator of folk tales and contributor to The Times. Perhaps his most well-known work, The Story of Burnt Njal, a translation of the Icelandic Njal’s Saga that he had first attempted while in Stockholm, was issued in 1861. This was followed in 1861-1862 with a visit to Iceland, where he was hailed in Reykjavík as one of the saga lovers who had strengthened ties between the English and Norse. Subsequent to that visit, he published in 1866 his translation of Gisli the Outlaw from the Icelandic.