DANIELL, Edward Thomas. 16504



Autograph Letter Signed, to D.C.Read in the Close at Salisbury, hoping to benefit from his art criticism, announcing that he is now “a citizen parson”, discussing mutual acquaintances, etc. 3 pp. 9 x 7 inches, with the address panel. Norwich, 1 May 1834. Edward Thomas Daniell (1804 – 1842), landscape painter and etcher. He grew up in Norfolk and was ordained as a priest. He is best known for his drawings made on an expedition to Lycia, in the course of which he died. Inspired by the example of David Roberts, he set out for the East in 1840. He was in Greece at the end of the year, crossed to Egypt early in 1841, travelled up the Nile to Nubia, then from Egypt to Palestine, and on to Syria, reaching Beirut in October. In Smyrna he fell in with an English party on board H.M.S. Beacon, which had been sent by British Government to Lycia to bring home antiquities discovered by Sir Charles Fellows at Xanthos, for the British Museum. Daniell joined the expedition and spent the winter at Xanthos. When Fellows left, he remained behind to make a more thorough survey of the country. Daniell produced a series of sixty-four drawings, now in the British Museum, recording their journey.