CRAIGIE, Pearl. 18097



A lengthy Autograph letter Signed ‘Pearl Mary Craigie’, to Mrs. Crawfurd, saying she “fled” to St. Malo to recover her health, is hard at work on The School for Saints, describing her visit to Paris, a meeting with Arnold Morley, etc. 1 page 10 x 8 inches, fine. Grand Hotel Frankin, St. Malo, 19 May 1896. A good letter by Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie (1867 – 1906), Anglo-American novelist and dramatist who wrote under the pen-name of John Oliver Hobbes. Though her work fell out of print in the twentieth-century, her first book Some Emotions and a Moral was a sensation in its day, selling eighty-thousand copies in only a few weeks. “I am thought a barbarian by my friends and family because the Season in town promised extraordinary gaieties this year, but parties do not suit me & I love the country in the spring-time. The place is deserted …”