COYNE, Joseph Stirling. 18530



Autograph Letter Signed, to B.Webster, junior, sending “a bit of Comic Copy for the Dramatic College Journal”. 1 page 5 x 3 inches, minor blemishes only. 1 Shrewsbury Terrace, Westbourne Park, undated. Joseph Stirling Coyne (1803–1868), humorist and satirist. One of the most prolific British playwrights of the mid-nineteenth century, he wrote more than sixty plays; his twenty-seven farces are surpassed in number only by John Maddison Morton’s ninety-one and T. J. Williams’s thirty. Coyne brought to the stage accomplished comedic interchanges, puns, irony, exaggerated character traits, ludicrous plot situations, and surprising outcomes. His plays reveal a deft ear for dialogue and an ability to create characters suited to the talents of specific actors. As a journalist Coyne contributed humorous pieces to many widely circulated journals and newspapers.