COTTON, Admiral Sir Charles. 18277



Naval Order Signed ‘C.Cotton’, while serving as Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean, to Captain Robert Mitford of the Espoir, instructing him to proceed with public dispatches and join “Captain Otway of the Ajax on the Coast ot the Eastward about Genoa, or the North Coast of Corsica”. 1 page 12 x 8 inches, in good condition, horizontal folds. Given on board the San Josef off Toulon, 2 July 1811. Admiral Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812) joined the frigate HMS Niger and participated in the Boston campaign in 1775 and Long Island campaign in 1776. In 1777, Cotton took command of the floating battery HMS Vigilant off the Chesapeake and supported the landing of British troops off the river. He was also promoted to lieutenant during the campaign. In 1779 as captain of HMS Boyne Cotton joined the fleet under Sir George Rodney in the West Indies. The following year, Cotton joined Rodney in action at the Battle of Martinique. After the Battle of Trafalgar, Cotton took command of several ships stationed off the Tagus in Portugal. He also planned and executed the seaborne extraction of the 30,000 men of Sir John Moore’s army trapped in Galicia. Cotton’s plans allowed a fleet to transports to remove the vast majority of the army after they had defeated close French pursuit at the Battle of Corunna. In 1810, Cotton was chosen as Lord Collingwood’s replacement in command of the Mediterranean Fleet after Collingwood’s sudden death.