CONSTABLE, Sir William. 19529



Warrant Signed, as President of the Council of State, to John Thurloe, Clerk of the Council of the Commissioners of the Navy, following a petition of the “Company of Merchants tradeing to Guinny”, ordering a man of war to set out for that Coast. 1 page 12½ x 8 inches, in good condition, minor wear a edges, with the integral address leaf (one blank section neatly excised) bearing a fine example of the impressed Seal of The Council of State appointed by the Parliament. From the collection of the 5th Earl of Rosebery. Whitehall, 14 October 1652. “Wee have thought fit that a Man of Warr should bee appointed to goe to that Coast in Company with two Ships to bee set out as Men of Warr by the said Merchants, and have pitched upon the Prize Shipp called the Armes of Medenblick carrying forty Gunns which is now at Woolwich for that Service being satisfyed of her fitnesse for it. And therefore doe desire you that she may be speedily sheathed according as is mentioned in the Certificate concerning her, and supplyed with what also is requisite for fitting her for this purpose.” Sir William Constable (d.1655), regicide. Constable raised a regiment of foot and fought against the King throughout the Civil War. He assisted Colonel Hammond in the guard of the King at Carisbrooke. The House of Commons appointed Constable one of the King’s judges. He attended nearly every sitting of the Court, and signed the warrant for execution.