COLLINGWOOD‚ Cuthbert‚ Vice-Admiral. 19416



COLLINGWOOD‚ Cuthbert‚ Vice-Admiral. 19416 A superb lengthy Autograph Letter Signed ‘Collingwood’ [to Sir Hew Dalrymple], discussing a recent naval action in the light of “the practise of civilized war”, defending the actions of the captain of a brig in pursuit of an armed vessel (during which Spaniards had been fired upon), discussing several other issues, a breach of neutrality on the Barbary Coast, Collingwood’s “great doubts of the integrity of the Emperor at this time”, “improper conduct” of Mr. Morrice at Montevideo, news from Alexandria, etc. 3 pp folio, about 500 words, in very fine condition, docketed ‘Lord Collingwood, Private, June 22d 1807’. HMS Ocean, 22 June 1807. Cuthbert Collingwood‚ Lord Collingwood (1750-1810)‚ Vice-Admiral‚ second in command at the Battle of Trafalgar. From 1778 Collingwood’s career was closely connected with that of Nelson‚ whom he followed up the ladder of promotion step by step. He took part in many victories‚ including Brest (1794)‚ Cape St.Vincent (1797) and Trafalgar (1805). He died at sea‚ and was buried beside Nelson in St.Paul’s Cathedral. General Sir Hew Whitefoord Dalrymple (1750-1830), Acting Governor of Gibraltar (1806-1808). At Alexandria, “The Garrison there is compact – and all the alarms about starving vanished – so much, that they talk of soon exporting corn from there – what a pity so many excellent men should have perished from ill founded apprehensions.”