COLENSO, John William, Bishop of Natal. 15496



Autograph Letter Signed ‘J.W.Colenso’, sending “the revise”, discussing the place of the Doxologies in the hymn book to be published. A good one page example, 7 x 4½ inches, central filing hole. Forncett St Mary, 22 May 1849. John William Colenso (1814-83), Bishop of Natal. In 1846 he became rector of Forncett St Mary, Norfolk, and in 1853 he was recruited by the Bishop of Cape Town, Robert Gray, to be the first Bishop of Natal. Charged with heresy in 1863 by his superior, Bishop Gray of Cape Town, Colenso was finally deprived of his see in 1869. Nevertheless, Colenso remained in situ. He composed a grammar, a dictionary and a New Testament translation in Zulu. “It is possible that the Hymns now sent in M.S. may not have room for the Doxologies. I do not mind this, as they can be put on the Cover; though I would prefer them to be in the book itself.”