CLAVELL, John, Captain Royal Navy. 19888



An original naval order, complete but faded overall, yet with the bold signature ‘John Clavell’, as Captain of HMS Orlando, “Commanding His Majesty’s Ships & Vessels in the Archipelago”, to Robert Mitford, Captain of HM Sloop Espoir 1 page 12 x 8 inches, clean but entirely uniformly faded apart from the signature. A patient transcriber, with help from a computer programme, could reveal the entire text. Smyrna, 14 November 1812. The uncommon signature of the Senior Lieutenant of HMS Royal Sovereign at the Battle of Trafalgar. Captain John Clavell (1779-1846) was wounded in the battle. After Trafalgar he was made Commander by Collingwood, who before the battle had himself commended Clavell to Nelson for promotion to HMS Royal Sovereign from HMS Dreadnought, as “Clavell, who is indeed my right arm, and the spirit which puts every thing in motion.”