CHRISTISON, Robert. 18234



Autograph Letter Signed, to Mrs. Royle (wife of John Forbes Royle, the botanist), sending her the Laws of “our Botanical Society”, discussing the contributions of Lady Members, offering to propose her for membership, and feeding her “appetite for Autographs” by sending her an illegible letter by Dr. Chalmers, Professor of Divinity. 2 pp. 7 x 5 inches, blemishes at centre fold where formerly mounted in an album, otherwise good. Edinburgh, 30 June 1842. Sir Robert Christison (1797-1882), Scottish toxicologist and physician. By his laboratory research, by his writings, by his collections of botanical specimens, Professor Christison became recognised as a world authority on therapeutics, on the manufacture of drugs, and on their presentation to patients. “I forgot to mention in my letter to Dr. Royle, that he gave me as the Chinese tea fruit what is certainly the fruit of a Euphorbiaceous plant !! Beg him to look again at his specimen at the India-House, and say whether I am not right.”