CHESTERTON, George Laval. 17223



Autograph Letter Signed ‘G.L.Chesterton’, to Frederick William Hamstede, providing a remedy for Hamstede’s ill health, giving news of recent parties, “a very liberal supper”, news of friends, etc. 4 pp. 7 x 4½ inches, in good condition. Cold Bath Fields, 11 September 1851. Uncommon. Captain George Laval Chesterton wrote a popular memoir entitled Peace, War, and Adventure: An Autobiographical Memoir (2 vols., 1853). This described his military service with the Field Train of the Royal Artillery in the Peninsular War and in America, and as a volunteer with the Army of Columbia under Bolivar. In America he fought at Washington, Baltimore, and New Orleans during the War of 1812. He later became Governor of Cold Bath Prison and instituted reforms that changed a viciously corrupt prison into a well-managed one. Author of A Narrative of Proceedings in Venezuela, 1820; Peace, War, and Adventure, 1853; Revelations of Prison Life, 1856. “Tom Oakes has given a party. Riley and I were there, and we stayed till 3 a.m. We had rare fun, as a Mr. Newsome (with whom Tom has chambers) is a most funny fellow and kept us in a roar. We had a very liberal supper. I rode with Emily Pringle yesterday, and as we passed through Putney we called upon Jerrold. He was at home and came out and had a chat …”