CHERBULIEZ, Victor. 12108



Autograph Letter Signed, addressed ‘Madame’, accepting her kind invitation, referring to her acquaintance with his son, a meeting in Tunis, etc. In French. 2 pp. 6½ x 4 inches, in good condition. Paris, Thursday 13 March, no year given. Charles Victor Cherbuliez (1829 – 1899), French novelist and author. Cherbuliez was a voluminous and successful writer of fiction. His first book, originally published in 1860, reappeared in 1864 under the title of Un Cheval de Phidias: it is a romantic study of art in the golden age of Athens. He went on to produce a series of novels. Most of these novels first appeared in the Revue des deux mondes, to which Cherbuliez also contributed a number of political and learned articles, usually printed with the pseudonym G Valbert. Many of these have been published in collected form under the titles L’Allemagne politique (1870), L’Espagne politique (1874), Profils étrangers (1889), L’Art et la nature (1892), etc. The volume Etudes de littérature et d’art (1873) includes articles for the most part reprinted from Le Temps.