CHARLES II. Treaty of Breda, 1667. 18825



By the King. A Proclamation For Publishing the Peace between His Majesty and the States General of the United Netherlands. …Given at Our Court at Whitehall the Four and twentieth day of August 1667. Printed broadside. 13 x 9 inches, one small clean tear repaired, edges untrimmed, some light foxing spots only. In the Savoy, 1667. Wing 3390. The Treaty of Breda was signed on 31 July 1667. England gained Albany, New York, Antigua, Montserrat, and part of St. Christopher. France received Acadia (Nova Scotia). The Treaty of Breda was signed by England, the United Provinces (Netherlands), France, and Denmark–Norway. It brought a hasty end to the Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665–1667). As communications were slow, special dates were established for the different parts of the world, on which legal hostilities would end: “… And His Majesty doth Declare, That all Ships, or other movable Goods whatsoever, which shall appear to be taken from the Subjects of the said States General after the Six and twentyeth day of this instant August, in the British and North Seas; After the Four and twentyeth day of September next ensuing, from the Mouth of the Channel to Cape Saint Vincent; After the Two and twentyeth day of October next ensuing, on the other side of the said Cape, to the Equinoctial-Line, as well as in the Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, as elsewhere: And lastly, after the Fourteenth day of April 1668, on the other side of the aforesaid Line, throughout the whole World …”