CARRINGTON, Charles Robert, Governor of New South Wales. 18782



Appointment of New South Wales Commissioners to represent the Colony at “the contemplated Indian and Colonial Exhibition, to be held in the City of London, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-six”, signed ‘Carrington’ as Governor, with two other signatures. Vellum, folded, dust soiling to the right half of the document (where folded). Paper seal affixed. Government House, Sydney, 31 December 1885. Charles Robert Carrington (1843-1928). In 1885 Carrington was appointed governor of New South Wales where his term was to span much change and trouble. He arrived in Sydney on 11 December to find the colony in the grip of drought, economic recession and political crisis; he left in 1890 after the maritime strike had opened a phase of new industrial conflict. Throughout, Carrington proved an able and tactful governor. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]. The Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886 was a very substantial exhibition held in South Kensington in London, and intended (in the words of the then Prince of Wales) “to stimulate commerce and strengthen the bonds of union now existing in every portion of her Majesty’s Empire”. The exhibition was opened by Queen Victoria, and when it closed had received 5.5 million visitors.