CANNING, Charles John, Earl Canning. 17463



Autograph Note Signed, to Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde, asking him to read an enclosure, for discussion “whenever you next drop in.” 1 page 7 x 5 inches, fold. 18 January [1859 or later]. A little note linking two of the major characters in India at the time of the Mutiny. Charles John Canning, Earl Canning (1812–1862), Governor-General and Viceroy of India (1856-1862). In 1858 an Act of Parliament transferred the government of India from the East India Company to the crown. Canning thereby became the first Viceroy of India. Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde (1792-1863), Field Marshal. At an early stage of the Indian Mutiny, Campbell became Commander-in-Chief, India and, in that role, he relieved and then evacuated Lucknow and, after attacking and decisively defeating Tatya Tope at the Second Battle of Cawnpore, captured Lucknow again. Whilst still commander-in-chief he dealt with the ‘White Mutiny’ among East India Company troops, and organised the army sent east in the Second Opium War.