CAMPBELL, Vice-Admiral Sir Patrick. 14249



Autograph Letter Signed, as Captain of HMS Leviathan in the Mediterranean, to Robert Mitford, Captain of HM Sloop Espoir, sending “a sett of bills for my pay” which Mitford can negotiate at Gibraltar. 1 page 10 x 8 inches, with the integral address leaf. Some damage along upper edge only, where opened, occasional dust soiling, otherwise in good condition. Leviathan [Mediterranean], 28 August 1811. Mail between two ships in the Mediterranean fleet. Vice-Admiral Sir Patrick Campbell (1773 – 1841) saw distinguished service in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. During his service in a number of ships in the Mediterranean and English Channel, Campbell saw several small ship actions and was successful in every one, even surviving a double shipwreck in 1805. Following the war, Campbell retired for ten years before returning to service, later commanding at the Cape of Good Hope. One of his younger brothers was General Sir Colin Campbell.