BUXTON, Sir Thomas Fowell. 18937



Autograph Letter Signed ‘T.Fowell Buxton’, to William Potter in Liverpool, explaining that a variety of engagements and a bout of ill health have prevented Buxton from complying with an earlier request (for his seal?). 1 page 7 x 4 inches, in good condition, with a complete seal in black wax affixed. Northrepps, near Norwich, 6 November 1843. Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton (1786-1845), philanthropist, and a leading figure in the abolition of slavery. It is quite possible that Potter’s request was for an example of his seal in wax. Abolitionist seals were used as a method of publicity for the Movement in the early days. This example, if indeed it is an Abolitionist seal, shows the Buxton arms, with a bare-breasted female figure in a loin cloth to the left.