BURDER, George. 11203



Autograph Letter Signed, to J.Wilks (author of Memoirs of Queen Caroline), discussing Sabbath observance, and venturing a criticism of Wilks for his part in the story of Queen Caroline. 2 pp. 9 x 7½ inches, in good condition, with a short biography attached. 9 King’s Road, 6 March 1822. George Burder (1752-1832), Nonconformist minister. In his youth he was an engraver, but in 1776 he began preaching, and was minister of the Independent Church at Lancaster from 1778 to 1783. Subsequently he held charges at Coventry (1784 1803) and at Fetter Lane, London (1803-1832). He was one of the founders of the British and Foreign Bible Society, the Religious Tract Society, and the London Missionary Society, and was secretary to the last-named for several years. As editor of the Evangelical Magazine and author of Village Sermons, he commanded a wide influence. A Life (by Henry Forster Burder) appeared in 1833. “Will you pardon me if I say that the public part you have taken respecting the late Queen may prejudice the minds of the King’s ministers & some others against any measure of reform which bears your name, & I am sorry for it.”