BRYCE, Major General Sir Alexander. 18992



Autograph Letter Signed, to Sir Howard Elphinstone, discussing Elphinstone’s appointment that day as Commanding Engineer at Malta, giving his own candid views on the appointment. 2 pp. 9 x 7 inches, folds, in good condtion. Marked Private. 23 December 1831. Major General Sir Alexander Bryce (1766 – 4 October 1832), Colonel-Commandant of the Royal Engineers. Bryce became senior engineer officer with the army sent to Egypt under Sir Ralph Abercromby, in which position he was present at the landing, in the battles before Alexandria, and at the surrender of Cairo, and directed the siege operations at Aboukir. Subsequently, as colonel, he served some years in Sicily. In the descent on Calabria he commanded a detachment of Sir John Stuart’s army that captured Diamante. Major-General Sir Howard Elphinstone (1773-1846) served at the Cape of Good Hope (1795), in Egypt and South America, and became the commanding Royal Engineer during the Peninsular War.