BRIERLY, Oswald Walters. 20962



Autograph Letter Signed, to William Vokins, from Cowes, saying he has much to tell him, and that “nothing can be a greater success than the Pictures”. 2 pp. 6 x 4 inches, fine. Cetonia R.Y.S., Cowes, 10 August 1885. Sir Oswald Walters Brierly (1817 – 1894), English marine painter. In 1841 Brierly started round the world with Benjamin Boyd (1796–1851), afterwards well known as a great Australian squatter, in the latter’s ship Wanderer, and having got to New South Wales, made his home at Boyd’s private whaling and trading village of Boyd Town in Twofold Bay on the New South Wales coast for ten years. He managed Boyd’s whaling operations. Brierly Point is called after him. He sailed on numerous expeditions including the Rattlesnake voyage surveying the Barrier Reef. When the Crimean War broke out in 1854, Keppel gave Brierly an observational post on his new steam line-of-battle ship, St Jean d’Acre, in the Baltic Fleet. The Illustrated London News commissioned Brierly to sketch Allied naval operations. In 1855 the St Jean d’Acre went to the Black Sea, and Brierly went with her. Though Brierly did not stay with her; he worked on several ships in the Black Sea. In 1856 a series of lithographs of his sketches were published as Portfolio of Marine and Coastal Sketches by Mr. William Brierly.