BRENTON, Admiral Sir Jahleel. 15851



Naval Order Signed by Brenton as Captain of HMS Spartan, a month before his most famous naval action at Naples (see DNB entry), to Captain Mitford of HM Sloop Espoir, instructing him to put himself under the orders of Captain Ayscough of HMS Success. 1 page 12 x 7 inches, ink faded but legible, otherwise sound. On board HMS Spartan, Milazzo [Messina, Sicily], 2 April 1810. The ink has faded but this is the first Jahleel Brenton document we have found. Admiral Sir Jahleel Brenton (Newport, Rhode Island, 1770 – 1844) fought throughout the Napoleonic Wars. Following the renewal of hostilities with France, he commanded a succession of frigates. Brenton was obliged to surrender in July 1803 when his frigate ran aground. He was imprisoned at until 1806, during which time his wife joined him. Having eventually been exchanged (freed in return for the release of Massena’s nephew) he was appointed to HMS Spartan in 1807. Brenton’s most brilliant action was fought with a squadron of French ships at Naples on 1 May 1810. He was severely wounded during the battle, and Joachim Murat, the then king of Naples, later praised his conduct.