BOUILLÉ, François Claude Amour, marquis de. 19442



Letter Signed, recommending M.Rugy, Captain of Artillery. In French. An attractive one page example 7½ x 6 inches, with integral blank leaf, docketed on receipt. Metz, 22 August 1787. François Claude Amour, marquis de Bouillé (1739-1800) general. He served in the Seven Years’ War (1756–1763), and as governor in the Antilles conducted operations against the British in the American Revolutionary War. He became Commander in Chief of the Army of the Meuse, Sarre and Moselle in 1790. He proposed to Louis XVI that the royal family should take refuge in a frontier town where an appeal could be made to other nations. When Louis XVI was arrested at Varennes (21 June 1791), Bouillé went into exile in Russia and died in London in 1800. He is the ‘Bouillé’ alluded to in La Marseillaise.