BOUFFLERS, Louis-François de, Marshal of France. 17441



A lengthy Signed Letter, discussing the case of M. de Beauregard, treasurer of the Guards Regiments, his arrest, bogus marriage, charges about irregular payments, asking his correspondent for an opportunity to discuss the case. In French. 5 pp. 12 x 8 inches, light toning, in good condition. Louvain, 24 August 1701. Louis-François de Boufflers (1644 –1711), Marshal of France. He served throughout the campaigns of the time with increasing distinction, and in 1681 became lieutenant-general. He commanded the French army on the Moselle, which opened the War of the Grand Alliance with a series of victories. On 15 October 1688, he took the important fortress Mainz, the Aureum caput regni, with 20,000 soldiers, then he led a corps to the Sambre, and reinforced François Henri de Montmorency, Duc de Luxembourg on the eve of the Battle of Fleurus (1690). In 1694, he was appointed governor of French Flanders and of the town of Lille. He was besieged in Namur in 1695, and only surrendered to his besiegers after he had lost 8,000 of his 13,000 men. In the conferences which terminated in the Peace of Ryswick he had a principal share. During the War of the Spanish Succession, when Lille was threatened with a siege by the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugène of Savoy, Boufflers was appointed to the command, and resisted for three months. He was rewarded and honoured by the king for his defence of Lille.