BONOMI, Joseph. 18894



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Joseph Bonomi’, to Leone Levi, the statistician, accepting his invitation for next Friday evening. 1 page 4 x 3 inches, in very good condition, tiny pinholes, integral blank leaf. The Camels, Wimbledon Park, 23 September 1874. Uncommon. Joseph Bonomi the Younger (1796 –1878), sculptor, artist, Egyptologist and museum curator. From 1824 to 1826, he was a member of Hay’s expedition to Egypt, where he sketched many antiquities. At Abu Simbel in 1825, Bonomi – responding to Hay’s demands for great accuracy – devised a drawing frame (a viewfinder-type device equipped with a sight and a string or wire grid) to help them draw the temples’ interior decorations. The expedition then moved on to Kalabsha, where Bonomi laboured to produce several plaster casts of the reliefs, to Philae and then to Thebes. In Cairo (1827–1828), Bonomi illustrated James Burton’s Excerpta hieroglyphica.In the 1830s Bonomi undertook tours of Syria and Palestine (with Francis Arundale and Frederick Catherwood). In 1839 he prepared illustrations for Sir John Gardiner Wilkinson’s Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians.