BLAIR, William. 3916



Autograph Letter Signed, to Mr. Lowry, chiding him for sending along for consultations the relatives of one Sanderson, “who come with as much freedom as if they brought a fee in their hand!” 3 pp. 9 x 7½ inches, address panel, remains of guard, in good condition. Great Russell Court, 18 July 1808. A rebuke by William Blair (1766-1822), surgeon, medical writer (including pamphlets on vaccination, the management of penitentiaries, a book on venereal disease), collector of rare Bibles, cipher inventor. “If you wish me to attend the children, grand-children, cousins, & domestics of remote relatives, pretending to be sent by Mr.Sanderson’s family, I shall request in future that each of them bring a line from you, as an introduction, & then, I shall in return tell you how much benevolence & health you are indebted to me!”