BINDLOSS, Harold. 18597



Autograph Letter Signed, to one of his readers, a Senegalese soldier fighting for France on the Western Front 1 page 8 x 5 inches, in good condition. Selloth, Cumberland, 2 July 1917. Harold Edward Bindloss (1866 – 1945), English novelist who wrote many adventure novels set in western Canada. He roamed the world, farming in Canada and working in southern climes as a cargo heaver, a planter, and at other jobs. Broken by malaria he returned to England forty-five years ago and took up office work. But he lost his job when his health broke down and turned to writing in which he found his true vocation. He published some forty novels between the years 1902 and 1943. Many of his books had their locale in Canada.. “… The “etat-major” is suggestive but I am unfortunately ignorant of the customs of the French army. It is a special pleasure to send the signature you ask for since I remember many kindnesses received from your countrymen in Senegal and elsewhere in the South although I have not yet seen France. Age and an infirmity picked up during a wandering life have prevented my taking a part with the men of many countries who are fighting for liberty except as a humble camp-follower and then twice I was invalided home before I got to France. One thinks constantly of you others on the front in the mud, dust and heat with sympathy and a touch of envy. Wishing you a happy issue from all your hardships … in the long struggle for France. Bonne chance! La meillure santé!”