BERTHIER, Louis Alexandre, Prince de Wagram, Marshal of France. 12933



Letter Signed ‘Alexandre’ as Prince de Neuchatel, to Monsieur le Duc, telling him that Madame de Beaumont is each day requesting her husband’s return, on health grounds, and asking the Duke, if he thinks fit, to take up this matter with the Emperor, adding that Berthier will do the same. In French. 1 page 9 x 7½ inches, folded, in good condition. Paris, 21 November 1810. “Je le mettrai sous les yeux de S.M.” Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815), Napoleon’s chief of staff from 1804. When Napoleon became emperor, Berthier was at once made a marshal of the empire. He took part in the campaigns of Austerlitz, Jena and Friedland, and was created duke of Valengin in 1806, sovereign prince of Neuchâtel in the same year and vice-constable of the empire in 1807. In 1808 he served in the Peninsular War, and in 1809 in the Austrian War, after which he was given the title of prince of Wagram. He was with Napoleon in Russia in 1812, Germany in 1813, and France in 1814, fulfilling, till the fall of the empire, the functions of “major-general” of the Grande Armée.