BERBICE, British Guiana. 16165



Duplicate Estimate Pay Note of a Detachment of the 4th W.I. Regt. stationed in the Colony of Berbice for 30 Days Commencing the 25th April and ending the 24th May 1806. Signed by John Reed, Captain, 4th W.I. Regt. 9 x 7 inches, in good condition, tipped on to part of an old album leaf. Berbice [British Guiana] 1806. This military document dates from an interesting period in the history of Guyana. In 1781 British forces occupied Berbice and neighbouring Demerara and Essequibo as part of the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, but in January 1782, the colonies were recaptured by the French, who were allied with the Dutch, and who subsequently restored the colonies to Dutch rule with the Treaty of Paris of 1783. In 1796 the colony was captured by Great Britain, remaining in possession of the colony until 1802, when Berbice was restored to the Batavian Republic under the terms of the Treaty of Amiens. In September 1803 the British occupied the territory again, this time for good. In the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814, the colony was formally ceded to the United Kingdom, and with the ratification of this treaty by the Netherlands on 20 November 1815, all Dutch legal claims to the colony were rescinded. As part of the reforms of the newly acquired colonies on the South American mainland, the British merged Berbice with Demerara-Essequibo on 21 July 1831, forming the new crown colony of British Guiana, now Guyana.