BELLE-ISLE, Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, duc de. 19521



Letter Signed, as Secretary of State for War, ordering payments to be made to the officer and men wounded by the bursting of a cannon. In French. 1 page 8 x 6½ inches, in good condition. 12 September 1759. Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet de Belle-Isle (1684-1761), Marshal of France, a major figure in the War of the Austrian Succession. At the head of 40,000 French troops he crossed the Rhine in August 1741 to take control of Upper Austria. But later Belle-Isle found himself besieged in Prague, surrounded by an army of 60,000 Austrians. He managed to extricate his army of 15,000 men by leading them for ten days across treacherous defiles of ice and snow; 1200 died on the march from cold, and another 500 later from the effects of this march. King Louis XV made him Secretary of State for War in 1758, a position Belle-Isle would hold until his death in 1761.