BECKER, Jean. 18028



Autograph Postcard Signed, to J.Rosenhain [Jakob Rosenhain (1813-1894), German pianist and composer of classical music].in Baden Baden. In German, not yet translated. 4 x 5 inches, 5 pfennig postal stationery. Postmarked Mannheim, 18 August 1881. Uncommon. Jean Becker (1833 –1884) was a prominent German violinist from Mannheim in the Grand Duchy of Baden. During his career, Becker toured extensively, both as a solo virtuoso, and later, using a Stradivarius violin (made 1685), as a chamber music performer. He composed some short pieces for the violin, one of which is a Gavotte known to students of the violin today who pursue the Suzuki Method. Antonín Dvo ák’s “Slavonic” String Quartet No. 10 in E Flat Major Op. 51 (1879) was dedicated to him.