BECHUANALAND. Chiefs Khama, Bathoen and Sebele. 13132



The original signatures of three Bechuana Chiefs, Khama, Bathoen and Sebele, inscribed on the occasion of their meeting with the Committee of the Religious Tract Society in London in October 1895. On one piece of paper mounted on an album page. With a number of newspaper cuttings describing and illustrating their visit, including their reception by the London Missionary Society. October 1895. These rare signatures were found recently in an album compiled by Eliot Reed, a member of Hampstead Congregational Church. Above the signatures he has written: “October 1895. This morning the African Chiefs from Bechuanaland breakfasted with the Committee of the Religious Tract Society, and, as Chairman of the meeting, I had the privilege of welcoming them. They gave me their signatures & each of them made a deeply interesting statement.”