BATEMAN, H.M. 19715



Autograph Letter Signed ‘H.M.Bateman’, to Frederick Dolman, enquiring “how will Napoleon do for your article – instead of Buffalo Bill?” 1 page 10 x 8 inches, minor tears at centre fold, unsightly creasing lower left (clear of text). Swiss Cottage, Station Road, Horley, 3 January 1918. Henry Mayo Bateman (1887-1970), British cartoonist. Born in Sutton Forest, New South Wales, Australia, H.M. Bateman was noted for his “The Man Who…” series of cartoons, featuring comically exaggerated reactions to minor and usually upper-class social gaffes, such as “The Man Who Lit His Cigar Before the Loyal Toast”, “The Man Who Threw a Snowball at St. Moritz” and “The Boy Who Breathed on the Glass at the British Museum.”