AUDRAN, Benoît. 14011



Manuscript Receipt, signed ‘B. Audran’ as engraver to the King. In French. Vellum, 5 x 7½ inches, one filing hole, generally in good condition.With a small engraved portrait of Audran. 1710. Benoît Audran the Elder, engraver, the second son of Germain Audran, was born at Lyons in 1661. He received his first instruction in the art of engraving from his father; but had afterwards the advantage of studying under his uncle, the celebrated Gérard Audran. Although he never equalled the admirable style of his uncle, he engraved many plates of historical subjects and portraits, which have justly established his reputation. His style, like that of Gérard, is bold and clear; his drawing of the figure is very correct; and there is a fine expression of character in his heads. He was received into the Academy in 1709, and was appointed engraver to the king, with a pension. He died in 1721, in the village of Ouzouer, near Sens. His portrait, after J. Vivien, has been engraved by his nephew Benoit, the younger.