AUDEN, W.H. 20016



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Wystan Auden’, to Mr. [Branko] Brusar, delighted to hear of “Sop’s success”, adding that he attended Struga Poetry Festival last month “and was surprised and shocked to find that very few of the poets there seemed to know anything about him”. An attractive one page example 12 x 8 inches, light folds. Kirchstetten, Austria, 15 September, no year given. Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-1973), poet. Nikola Sop [pronounced shop] (1904-1982), Bosnian poet of Croat origin, Christian mystic, schoolteacher and translator of the Latin classics. B.S.Brusar was a Croatian literary translator. Sop’s poems were published in Encounter in the 1960s. These include two long poems, Cottages in Space (November 1969) and Space Scene With Rooster (June 1971), all redone by Auden and co-signed with his name as translator. A pocket edition of these and other poems, entitled Auden’s Sop, was published by the Croatian Writers’ Association in 1997.