ALEXANDER, Francesca. 19641



A beautifully written Autograph Letter Signed ‘Francesca Alexander’, to Miss Catherine Whitehead in London, about her story writing, mentioning “the unexpected pleasure of seeing Mr. Ruskin again” in Bassano, news of other correspondents, etc. 4 pp. 4 x 6 inches, fine. With the original envelope (mounted on part album page). Bassano, Veneto [Italy], 17 October [1888]. Francesca Alexander (1837 – 1917), also known as Fanny Alexander, was an American expatriate illustrator, author, folklorist, and translator. In 1882 she was introduced to John Ruskin. He was interested in her work, especially her simple, spiritual illustrations, and purchased two manuscripts from her for £600. The first was published in 1883 as The Story of Ida with its author listed simply as “Francesca.” The volume went into several editions in both the United States and Great Britain. Ruskin published her most celebrated work, Roadside Songs, in 1885. Ruskin “came to Bassano for a few days, and was extremely kind, and gave us as much of his time as he could. He is at work now on ‘Praeterita’, and seems quite well. He is now at Venice.”