ALBERT, Prince Consort. 18912



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Albert’, to Nassau William Senior, thanking him for the fifth volume of his Journal, received through Baron Stockmar, and expressing his interest in seeing other volumes. 1 page 9 x 7 inches, in very good condition, with the integral blank leaf tipped on to an old album leaf. Buckingham Palace, 29 February 1852. “Your Journals are so interesting that, if you happen to have any more, I should feel greatly obliged to have merely a perusal of them, – not to possess them.” A good example of a letter by Albert, the Prince Consort (1819-61), addressed to Nassau William Senior (1790-1864), the famous English economist. Senior travelled extensively, and entrusted his travel journals and accounts of conversations with well known politicians (such as Thiers, Guizot and de Tocqueville) to the safe keeping of Prince Albert, although the journals (or copies of them) were shown to other select people. His ‘Journal kept in Turkey and Greece’ was published in 1859. The others were only published after his death.