ADMIRALTY. Wages for Captain John Byron, 1748. 18702



Original Warrant signed by four Admiralty Commissioners, Richard Haddock, Edward Falkingham, Jacob Acworth, Daniel Devert, authorising the payment of the wages for the HM Ship the Syren, between 16 January 1646 and 26 October 1747, under the command of the Hon. Captain John Byron. 1 page 12 x 8 inches, defective at head, with loss, three holes, paper weakness due to damp. Navy Office, 28 October 1748. In poor condition, but worth rescuing on account of the subject of the Warrant: Vice Admiral The Hon. John Byron, RN (1723 – 1786), known as Foul-weather Jack.. As a midshipman, he sailed in the squadron under George Anson on his voyage around the world, though Bryon made it to southern Chile, and returned to England with the captain of HMS Wager. In December 1746 Captain Stringer was removed from the Siren, and the Hon. John Byron took command. Siren then served as part of Admiral George Anson’s fleet in 1747. Byron circumnavigated the world as a commodore with his own squadron in 1764-1766. He fought in battles in The Seven Years’ War and the American Revolution. He rose to Vice Admiral of the White before his death in 1786. Edward Falkingham, who has signed this warrant, served for a time as Governor of Newfoundland (1732) and Comptroller of the Navy.