ZAMOYSKI, Ladislas. 19738



Autograph Letter Signed ‘L.Zamoyski’ [to Benjamin Hawes], saying he is sending a letter from the French Minister of War, with a formal letter to Lord Panmure “that the document may assume its proper official character”. 4 pp. 7 x 4 inches, in good condition, residue of adhesive where formerly mounted. Found among the correspondence of Sir Benjamin Hawes M.P. (1797-1862), under-secretary for war. Sunday night, 15 November 1855. “This being dispatched, I imagine that, with tour assistance, I ought to be soon on my way …” Count Ladislas Zamoyski (1803-1868). In 1855, he led a Polish cavalry division in the Ottoman Army during the Crimean War.Known as General Zamoyski, he was a hero of the doomed November Uprising of 1830. With a death sentence looming over his head, he took up the Polish cause in exile, becoming the right hand man of his uncle, Prince Adam Czartoryski, the ‘uncrowned Polish King’, who had once served as foreign minister to Tsar Alexander II. For the rest of his life, Zamoyski worked for Czartoryski, acting as his representative in London and organizing Polish legions to fight against the partitioning powers.